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Isla de la Juventud

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Hotel Rancho El Tesoro

Hotel Rancho El Tesoro

Hotel Rancho El Tesoro in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba is a two-star hotel surrounded by nature, located only a few minutes away from the center of Nueva Gerona and the island’s most spectacular beaches.

Hotel Colony

Hotel Colony

In the 1950s, several hotel buildings were built in Cuba with the aim of creating prestigious beach properties and beach facilities, mainly for the North American tourism market.

Cuba destinations - Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Isla de la Juventud, located a little over 100 km south of Batabanó, province of Havana, occupies a 2200 km² surface, which makes it the second largest of the Cuban archipelago. 

The territory treasures museums like the Finca El Abra and the Presidio Modelo, caves where one can see pictographs of the first settlers.  

The island, along with other 672 cays and islets that form the Canarreos archipelago, possesses a bumpy coast and lush tropical forests that are home to a great variety of species. It also has thermal waters that are considered fountain of beauty, youth and health. 

The Punta Frances Ecological Reserve, proposed Marine National Park, at the southeastern littoral, has been a regular stop of cruise tourism and allows visitors enjoying excellent beaches, varied nautical offers and excursions. This is because of the area’s natural wealth, its crystal clear waters and the coral barrier that remains in excellent state. Diving lovers will find 56 diving sites close to important colonies of corals, gorgonians, sponges as well as caves, passages and tunnels.